Omnine Secundo

Lyrics: MLGS.

Where the ice surrounds most of what you see, I was born and raised
Even breaking summer was cold in the nights, when the sun died red,
My father, a smith, in iron and steel casted for me a sword
I held the bone pommel and learned how to fight when I was just four.

I remember the day when I left my kin, far away in time
with a hundred men I came to this coasts from the winter’s land
Through the endless sea we sailed our drakkar seeking glory
And that’s how it starts the conquest of dreams, our story.

To the highland hills Odin’s guidance brought our ship through the myst,
We stepped on the ground, meadows at our feet, caressed by the breeze
From that moment on, we knew we would never be the same
In time we found love and Muireadach was our new given name.

There are two great things that norse men are taught as soon as they walk
The first is to sail, fearless of the storms, fearless of the dark
The other, the art of handling the sword, defending our pride
No matter how fierce the opponent appears, we stand side by side.

Let my drakkar sail to the sound of the pipes
Blowing from the highlands, my new paradise
As seabrave, a viking, so proud of my kin
I came seeking conquest, and conquered I’ve been
Now I know that a warrior is allowed to be a man
Since, Odin!, you turned me into a Muireadach one.

Lyrics: MLGS.

I came back to the light from the kingdom of death,
And the visions I saw, surely would take your breath.
I smelled misty darkness, and I swallowed sour fear,
I heard scary voices that still ring in my ears.

I have nothing but tears!

I’m thirsty for living but the dust in my throat,
Won’t allow me to taste the bitter-sweetness of love,
From the hell of my youth, where I sadly grew old,
I came singing sad sighs, when I still had a soul.

I’ve been walking so long!

Where my heart did beat once, there’s no blood anymore,
Just a cold heavy stone, gray and rotten to the core.
And this stone, engraved with pain – where there once was my soul –
Has instead of my essence a deep black empty hole.

My dark side took its toll!.

No! the magic can’t save me, nor the gods, nor the lords!
I command you to listen and remember my words!
Every wound I have wrought HAS A PRICE, people say,
In this life, or the next one, I’ll somehow HAVE TO PAY.

Everyone lives that day.

No! the magic won’t save you, nor the gods, nor these rhymes!
Good or bad, same returns to you, multiplied several times.
Thus, live thee now your life. Here’s your path, walk your way.
Just remember the last words this old woman hath said.

Lyrics: MLGS.

In perfection created to worship and praise,
To the one on the throne up above,
I was willing to be like a human instead,
But an angel would never be allowed.

I decided to escape from the skies to the earth,
In disguise, I trespassed Heaven’s gates,
And betraying my nature I lived as a man,
Then I learned about tears and dark fates.

Wasted wings, I lost my paradise,
Loosing the light, for a vain life,
I wasn’t made for!
Wasted wings, blinded for vanity,
Chasing a dream, falling in sin,
There’s no return!

Now I long to go back, to regain my lost grace,
I cry praying for mercy on my knees,
Because angels were made to wear wings and sing praise,
Weren’t meant to live in liberty.


Lyrics: MLGS.

In nocte, vitam!.
Run away, my dear!.
Run!. As fast as you can!

I wasn’t always what I am today,
My skin was youthful! not wrinkled and gray.
But then the poison of my own desires,
Killed a part of me and made me a vampire.

“Carefull with your wishes, because they’ll come true”
is the best advice I can give to you.
Desist of the obsession that leads you to fall,
In anguish and sadness, in recurring dull.

Avoiding the sun, my days I shall spend,
Yearning for the moment when the light will end.
Unseen and unheard, I will leave my grave,
Covered with the night’s gown, to hunt down my prey.


1st Chorus
Will you tremble scared when you feel my cold hand,
Caressing your neck, haunting you in the night?
I’m a Nospheratus, a daemon indeed!
a ferocious creature, and on you I shall feed.

What is the recipe? [you want to know!]
To heal the deep wounds that are killing your soul?
Who will have mercy of your wretched life?
Which one out there dares to be by your side?


No one, you’ll see, has a firm hand to lend,
To this wandering soul who lost faith in all men.
Therefore, you learn to survive on your own!
Or be ready to be, just like me, a sad spawn.

(Guitar Solo)

2nd Chorus
Run away my dear, as fast as you can.
I’m coming to get you, your neck will be mine!
Sucking out the life running in your veins,
Will kill for a while my most secret pains.

Lyrics: MLGS.

On my horizon the sun’s going down,
Dusk’s taking over all colours around.
If shadows come every night of the year,
Playing with darkness shall cause me no fear.
Confussion’s an ally so missunderstood,
It could be delightful to walk among spooks.

In the moon’s absense when vision grows dim,
Creatures unknown for us all can be seen.
Spirits of nature such’s faeries and elves,
Gather together at the rhythm of spells,
I hear their voice and cast spells with them,
A taste of good darkness my enemies tame.

Lite’s overrated as giver of life,
Lite’s overrated as giver of life.

Lite’s overrated as giver of life,
Fury can even bring heat in the night.

I learned on my own that we walk in between,
Neither shadow or light breaks the balance to win.

Accept the darkness, is half of your soul,
Half of your mind, and so half of your thoughts.

Believing we’are saints it is nothing but lies,
All men missbehave and that can’t be denied.

I’m friends with my darkness, in love with the gloom,
Cause I understand that light cradles the moon.

On my horizon the sun’s going down,
Dusk’s taking over all colours around.
If shadows come every night of the year,
Playing with darkness shall cause me no fear.
Let’s fear not the darkness, is part of life’s deal,
Embrace lights and shadows as they turn the wheel.

Lyrics: MLGS.

Remember! Remember! the magical gates!
North’s the first to open, then East, South and West!
Each one keeps a lamp, a light of the Universe,
Each one is a virtue, concealed in yourself!

The world shall tremble and fall,
but they will stand shining for ever more,
Obedience, beauty, compassion and life,
pillars and lights of it all.

Four archés, four lamps, four magical gates,
combine them with wisdom and death will be stopped.

I will live forever, through the times, till the world is no more.
I will breathe forever, for I am an inmortal soul.

This monster named Kronos invented by man,
does torture with pain and decay.
But it’s not invincible there’s actually a way
to escape from it’s horrible face.

Four archés, four lamps, four magical gates,
combine them with wisdom and life shall remain.


“The sky is the limit”? Who says there’s such?
those rules shall not bend me on my knees!
I’m wise and ‘ve been blessed with a magical touch,
therefore, death surrenders, not me!

Four archés, four lamps, four magical gates,
combine them with wisdom and then you’ll be free.


Lyrics: MLGS.

I know you used to see me weak,
Affraid of what it will become.
Nowadays I’m stronger than you think,
The silly one you knew is gone.
I left behind my hell.

I’m finally free, of the memories,
I’m finally free of the pain,
From now on it’ll be
Just a piece of paper melting in the rain.

It took me many years to let it go,
Struggled hard for this.
Out of shackles, chains? No more!
No more tremble, need no help.
I really don’t need your help!

I couldn’t keep it going for ever,
I’d rather want to die.
Therefore I let it go, remember:
This is the real goodbye!
This is the real goodbye!

(Guitar Solo)

Regardless of the consecuences,
I’m sending you away.
I just pulled up all my defenses,
So bid me Farewell.
So bid me Farewell.


Music written by DAGS (Anzak), JMGS (Geör), OLSB (Saebbi), MLGS (Niahm)
Lyrics written by MLGS (Niahm)